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Getz on leadership unity

Quotes taken from interview of Gene Getz by Howard Hendricks (from DTS class on Leadership)...

“As the biblical story unfolds in the New Testament, it becomes increasingly clear that each local church was to be managed and shepherded by a unified team of godly men...

"As they [the disciples] left the upper room and headed towards the Kidron Valley and they were following along, still not understanding everything that’s going on here, Jesus lifted His eyes and He prayed and He said, 'Father' –part of that prayer, 'Father, I pray for them, these men. But not just for them, but for all those who will believe on Me through them,' which is us, by the way, 'that they’ll be one as We are one. I in You, You in Me' –for what reason? '–so the world will believe that You have sent Me.' Inherent in the unity in that leadership team is a reflection of the Trinity... 

"All the way through the Scriptures, that concept of oneness is there. Now, that oneness is not going to be in the church, unless it’s modeled at the leadership level. So, that is so critical and that’s why the qualifications are so important because you're not going to have unity if you have arrogance, if you have ego, if you have selfish ambitions, if you have agendas for power, position.  And if you take those qualifications seriously, it wipes that out.  We’re all in process, obviously, but that, to me, is so critical. And then, as you have this unity, this oneness, it doesn’t mean you always agree on everything, but if guys really love Christ, love that church, want to serve that church and not themselves, they will lay aside their agendas. They’ll speak their peace, but when the end of the day comes, they’re going to  be one, and does the church ever sense that!  And, to me, that is the very thing Jesus prayed for and wants, and that’s why Satan, who knows more about that then we do, has attacked the church and the leadership at that level, and unfortunately has been victorious in a lot of situations.  But he doesn’t have to be, if we follow the Scriptures."


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