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home safely before dark

Wikipedia public domain The following is a prayer shared by Dr.  Robertson McQuilkin in 1981. He was President Emeritus of Columbia International University. It’s sundown, Lord. The shadows of my life stretch back    into the dimness of the years long spent. I fear not death, for that grim foe betrays himself at last,    thrusting me forever into life: Life with you, unsoiled and free. But I do fear. I fear the Dark Spectre may come too soon —    or do I mean, too late? That I should end before I finish or    finish, but not well. That I should stain your honor, shame your name,    grieve your loving heart. Few, they tell me, finish well… Lord, let me get home before dark. The darkness of a spirit    grown mean and small, fruit shriveled on the vine,    bitter to the taste of my companions,    burden to be borne by those brave few who love me still. No, Lord. Let the fruit grow lush and sweet,    a joy to all who taste; Spirit – sign of God at work,    str

his heart open

“God declares to us that Jesus Christ, who once had his side pierced, today has his heart open, as it were, that we may have assurance of the love that he bears us; that as he once had his arms fastened to the cross, now he has them wide open to draw us to himself; and that as once he shed his blood, so today he wishes us to be plunged within it. So, when God invites us so sweetly and Jesus Christ sets before us the fruit of his death and passion, ...let us all come to take our stand with our Lord Jesus Christ.” ~ John Calvin, Sermons on Isaiah’s Prophecy of the Death and Passion of Christ .