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What to pray for others

  What to pray for others             Sometimes we are at a loss about what to pray for other people. Thankfully, God knows what they need, and the Holy Spirit is interceding, as well. But we can learn to move past our common prayers (like, "Lord, be with them," and "Lord, bless them") to include some of the things the Apostle Paul prayed for his fellow believers. Here are 18 requests, gleaned from Paul's prayers* in his NT epistles:   1.             Give thanks for God being at work in them for salvation and growth. 2.             Pray that they would know God’s will with all wisdom. 3.             That they would walk worthy of (live up to) their calling. 4.             For God to enable them to live a life pleasing to him. 5.             That they would grow in the knowledge of the Lord. 6.             For God to empower them for every good work. 7.             For their sanctification in the beauty of holiness. 8.             That God wo