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So we got a new -- new to us, as it were -- Kia Sedona. We seem to be still in the minivan stage of life. Meanwhile, I'm glancing over at the Honda motorcycle dealership while I'm supposed to be looking at vans. 50-something is such an awkward stage. The mid-sized SUVs, which look far cooler, are still a bit too small for the stuff we do as a family.

Coolness enters into car choices, even when one has a family. The minivan has a certain profile that goes with it. When I was younger -- this was pointed out to me -- we wouldn't have bought a station wagon, since that was our parent's choice of family transportation. (Except the woodies... I had a Falcon for awhile in college & it was the vehicle of choice for our caving expeditions.) But, generally speaking, station wagons are profiled with our parents.

And so our generation was sold the minivan. Station wagons all but disappeared. But what will young, 20 & 30-something parents now drive?? I guess it's the various morphs or hybrids of the SUV. Minivans have become, so... so, soccer mommish, I guess. What goes around comes around.

I am thankful for the good deal we got and the expectation of some problem-free driving, at least for a while. The kids love the new dials and stuff, and one of them said -- and I think this was probably the highest compliment -- that our new van "was like a rental car!"

Meanwhile I'm still looking at motorcycles.


Unknown said…
i'm with you on the motorcycle thing!!

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